Why I invented My Training Card

I had been working out with a personal trainer and he was instructing me with the information I needed to do the exercises correctly. At the end of each session he would give me an 8 x 10 sheet of paper with that workout routine on it. It was great!

About two month later and 24 training sessions, I had 24 sheets with all these workouts in a pile in my gym bag and on my dresser. I realized I had spent over $1,500.00 with my trainer and in return I ended up with barely legible workout papers. I could not remember an exercise routine let alone machine settings, weights or reps and I was wasting time in the gym thinking about what to do next.

That’s when I invented My Training Card® It's a small, durable plastic card with your workout clearly printed on it. About the size of a credit card, My Training Card is easily carried in your pocket or attaches to your workout clothes with a lanyard and won't wrinkle, tear or smudge. The internet program is simple to use and cards are easy to make and edit. Each exercise routine is stored in your personal on line file for FREE. With one click you can e-mail a workout routine to a friend that is easy to edit and add to their file.

The first time I used My Training Card at the gym, I cut 15 minutes off my normal time because I was organized. I knew which exercise, machine, position settings, weight and reps to do. As I changed my routines, I would make new card. When I stopped going to the gym for a few months, it was easy to go back because the cards had all my workout routines on them.

It’s really simple, easy and inexpensive to use and the first card is FREE! Your on-line account is FREE and stores all your workouts. We print your cards and send them by first class mail the same day. Additional cards are just $5.95 each. Lanyards and Card Holders are also available. Try it and see! You will start completing your workouts more efficiently with better results!

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